Buster, the BEST Approach

Adherence to these guidelines is crucial for optimal performance
For Buster this means:

☑ Monitoring of weed species & growth stages
☑ Selecting the highest appropriate rate for least susceptible weed and growth stage
☑ Spraying during appropriate weather conditions
☑ Achieving thorough coverage


Environmental factors such as temperature, humidity & moisture greatly impact weed susceptibility and herbicide activity

Humidity impacts Buster the most – low humidity = slower uptake

As a general rule, actively growing weeds are susceptible to Buster

Ensure necessary coverage for Buster by:

☑ Using adequate water volume: 300 – 500l/Ha is recommended
☑ Choosing a nozzle and boom configuration that delivers thorough & even coverage
☑ Using equipment that delivers 150 – 300 micron droplets to minimize “drift and bounce”
☑ Avoid spraying in the wind

Target weeds when young and actively growing (better coverage and kill)

  • Dense weed canopies may not be completely controlled by a single application
  • Avoid applying in hot and dry conditions
  • Buster can be used on all crop stages, with the proviso that on crops that are less than 2 yrs old and non lignified crop parts are shielded from spray contact
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