An updated product label makes Betanal quattro a more convenient fodder beet herbicide

“Betanal quattro is a flexible, convenient and easy to use option for post-emergence weed control in beet crops,” says Bayer Crop Science Territory Manager Daniel Suddaby. “Betanal quattro is unique in that it contains the four active ingredients most commonly used in beet crops in one complete formulation,” adds Daniel.

Typically in the past the usual practice was to tank mix up to three products into “Triple mixes” for post emergence weed control in beet. “Now with the “4 in 1” formulation technology, Betanal quattro provides an easy to use alternative option which reduces chances of mixing and tank filling errors and lessens the storage, transport and disposal of packaging,” says Daniel. The formulation technology and the combination of the active ingredients are optimised in Betanal quattro to provide maximum herbicidal activity while being safe to the crop. The combination of active ingredients in Betanal quattro provides contact knockdown and residual activity.

“New updates to the label allow even more flexibility in Betanal quattro use for this season,” says Daniel. “The label now has a maximum 5 L/ha use rate which allows farmers to more effectively target larger weeds and some harder to control weeds like spurrey and nettle. The 5 L/ha rate should only be used once the beet crop has reached the two true leaf stage,” adds Daniel. Further changes to the label include a reduction in the previous withholding period from 100 to 56 days and increased flexibility regarding compatibility. “Betanal quattro can be tank mixed with the insecticide Lorsban 50EC or with the herbicides Pyramin DF and Versatill PowerFlo, and with other tank mix partners if that use has shown crop safety. Contact your closest Bayer Crop Science representative for more information on compatibility,” adds Daniel

“The critical factors for success when using Betanal quattro in fodder crops are timing, growth stage of the beet crop and the size, growth rate and species of weeds present. Starting early and targeting weeds that are small and actively growing is most effective,” recommends Daniel.

Betanal quattro provides increased flexibility in application timing as it can be used from the beet crop cotyledon stage onwards. If weeds emerge with the beet crop, Betanal quattro can be applied at the 2 L/ha rate once the beet crop has two fully expanded cotyledons. When the beet has reached the two true leaf stage the Betanal quattro rate can be increased to 3 - 5 L/ha. Use the 5 L/ha rate where spurrey, nettle or prostrate amaranthus are the dominant weeds present or where the majority of weeds are at the four leaf stage.

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An updated product label makes Betanal quattro a more convenient fodder beet herbicide
Betanal quattro a more convenient fodder beet herbicide