Delaro - More bang for your buck

New from Bayer CropScience for spring 2015 is Delaro, a new fungicide targeted at early season disease control in barley.

Why is Bayer CropScience so excited about the launch of Delaro, especially coming so soon after the launch of Aviator Xpro and Prosaro? And why the claim “Delaro offers more bang for your buck!”? Neil Waddingham, Market Manager Arable Crops for Bayer CropScience explains. “Delaro is a ready formulated fungicide containing generous quantities of two very effective fungicides. Containing prothioconazole in mixture with trifloxystrobin, Delaro delivers excellent control of scald, net blotch and leaf rust. And all at very realistic price”.

“Scald remains the number one disease target in barley. It is a threat for all barley crops and if left untreated it can result in very damaging yield losses. Net blotch and leaf rust are less common, but will also result in large yield losses if not controlled. In Bayer trials Delaro has very effectively controlled all of these diseases.”

“With the launch of Delaro Bayer can now offer a very strong fungicide programme built upon Delaro and Aviator Xpro. Used in a programme, Delaro followed by Aviator Xpro not only control all key diseases but they do so in a way that minimises the development of fungicide resistance.” “The best time to apply Delaro is at GS31-32 (T1) in barley. Applied at this time Delaro will provide disease protection through to GS39-45. At GS39-45 it is important that a SDHI containing fungicide e.g. Aviator Xpro, is applied because Aviator Xpro is required to control Ramularia leaf spot. As Delaro is a non-SDHI fungicide it means you retain the flexibility of applying two SDHI containing fungicides from flag leaf emergence should you need to. With the chase on for high barley yields this is becoming an increasing requirement.”

“Delaro is replacing Mogul for 2015. Mogul has a very supportive customer base who appreciate the combination of disease control, convenience and value for money. Delaro aims to offer all of the benefits of Mogul but with significantly more grunt! Containing 30% more prothioconazole than Mogul and over twice the amount of strobilurin fungicide than Mogul and all for a similar price, Delaro really does offer “more bang for your buck”.