Fodder Beet - An Increasingly Popular Crop

“Fodder beet has proved to be an increasingly popular crop. We have been involved with it since it restarted 12 years ago, and would have seen the area in beets almost double every year.” says Tim Molloy, Woodburn Farm, Rangiora. 

“The beets’ resilience to dry spells on un-irrigated country, its keeping ability, and high energy value has made it equally appealing to both sheep-beef operators and dairy farmers, all clamouring to get more in the ground as supplement” adds Tim. 

Tim advises that with more first time beet growers planting in the coming season, it is important they get timely, accurate advice from merchants and spray companies like Bayer CropScience, Betanal quattro manufacturer.

“Most guys will need some help managing the agronomy of the crop, not a lot of people have the ability to manage their own crop, and paddock selection, cultivation, spraying, it all plays a part in getting a good consistent yield.” 

Last season Tim used Betanal quattro and found some key attributes that made it a safer, more effective means of dealing with beet crop weeds. A significant portion of those benefits fall from its simple, single “four in one” formulation. 

Another Betanal quattro user, Neil Roe who farms in the Mamakus near Rotorua commented

“We have got a good clean high yielding crop, the Betanal has done its job well, being easily mixed as a single solution spray, and its dealt with those problem weeds very effectively,”

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