Horticulture - Passion for Growing

Whether growing for export or local markets, New Zealand growers are focused on producing high quality, pest and disease free crops. If its apples, kiwifruit, grapes or vegetable crops, Bayer has an extensive range of crop protection products available for growers.

With a locally based development team, Bayer is focused on bringing new innovative products from our global pipeline to New Zealand. Our local team of experts is working with local researchers, merchant partners and growers, with currently available options and new products to provide innovative solutions to the horticulture market. With an increasing focus on IPM practices and biological control options, Bayer is concentrating research and development in these areas.

For our high value export fruit crops, grower’s profitability hinges on producing high quality crops free of blemishes and insect pests. Bayer’s innovative insecticide, Movento provides growers with a highly effective tool for controlling a number of critical pests in kiwifruit, grapes, apples and potatoes. For powdery mildew control in grapes, Luna Sensation and Impulse are highly effective options. Our biological fungicide, Serenade Max is a biological control option for botrytis control in several crops and offers a residue free option for growers.

Our nationwide Territory Manager team has as extensive experience across New Zealand horticulture. Please contact your local Territory Manager if you require assistance.