Movento 100SC - New Label Claim

Movento® 100SC – New Label Claim for Blueberries

With a recently approved label claim, blueberry growers now have available the unique properties of Movento 100SC for controlling Thrips and mealybug in their crops.

“Movento with its 2-way systemicity properties is ideal for controlling hidden sucking pests that are often difficult to directly access with spray applications” says Phil Bertram, Bayer CropScience Territory Manager.  “On blueberries the Movento 100SC recommended rate is 150 mL/100 litres of water ensuring a minimum of 750 mL/ha is used. Ensure a water rate to obtain good coverage is used. Three applications per season can be used with 14 -21 day interval between applications” adds Phil.

For more information on Movento 100SC and to view the label go to the Movento 100SC product page.