Bayer SeedGrowth™ - giving your seed the best possible start

Bayer SeedGrowth

There are four pillars to Bayer’s SeedGrowth strategy: Services, Products, Coatings and Machinery. Bayer is proud to be the only company offering this holistic approach to applying seed treatments.

But while all aspects of the Bayer SeedGrowth offer are important, Bayer places great importance on providing effective support services.

Seed treatments and the Peridiam range of seed coatings are fundamental to protect seed from the ravages of insect pests and disease and coatings minimise dust, allow the seed to flow freely and to look its best.

Supplying modern, innovative seed treaters from its factory in the US not only ensures Bayer’s seed treatments are applied correctly but having hand’s on familiarity with the machines allows Bayer’s New Zealand seed treatment specialists to support customers effectively and rapidly.

But it is Bayer’s support services which allow Bayer SeedGrowth customers to apply and deliver Bayer seed treatments in the most professional manner. This is why Bayer places the greatest emphasis on services.

Support services bring value

Seed Testing.

Probably the first service introduced by Bayer is one referred to simple as seed testing. This test examines the vigour and disease loading of different cereal seed lines. The data generated allows Bayer SeedGrowth customers to exclude seed lines that have a high proportion of damaged seed or which are heavily infected with seed. The results is the best cereal seed for you to plant.

Bayer SeedGrowth Centre.

For many years Bayer has operated a SeedGrowth centre from its business premise in Christchurch, one a global network of Bayer SeedGrowth Centres. The centre houses small scale seed treatment machinery and monitoring equipment.

This plays a part in maintaining the global competitiveness of New Zealand arable farmers, especially the seed production sector, as this enables New Zealand specific recipes for important New Zealand crops such as grass seed to be developed.

But equally it plays an important seed treatment stewardship role by allowing samples provided by seed treaters to be analysed for dust. Keeping dust levels low protects both users and the environment and it is very satisfying to note that the dust levels recorded by Bayer are very low.

The importance of seed treatments are growing globally at a rapid rate. Seed Treatments allow the application of fungicides, insecticides and trace elements in a very efficient way, while minimising environmental impact. Bayer NZ wishes to ensure, through its activities, that New Zealand farmers have access to this technology.