2016 Young Horticulturist of the Year

From:   Young Horticulturist of the Year 2016
Date:    04 August 2016

Big cities dominate early running in NZ young horticulturalist contest

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The New Zealand Young Horticulturist of the Year 2016 competition -- traditionally dominated by the regions -- has taken a surprising twist this year with the Auckland and Wellington regions making a clean sweep of early results.

The results so far:
  • 2016 New Zealand Amenity Horticulturalist competition winner: Jeanette Barker, Auckland Botanic Gardens.
  • 2016 Young Grower of the Year, Andrew Hutchinson, AS Wilcox, Pukekohe.
  • 2016 Nursery and Garden Industry New Zealand Young Achiever Award, Daniel Howard, Moores Valley Nurseries, Wellington
The best Young Horticulturists from all over New Zealand are currently competing across six sector competitions to qualify as one of six finalists in the Royal NZ Institute of Horticulture Education Trust’s 'Young Horticulturist of the Year 2016 Competition’.

Sector competitions for New Zealand Winegrowers, Landscaping and Floristry & NZ Flower Growers are still to take place.

One of the Young Horticulturist judges, Penny Cliffin, said the judges will be looking for somebody who is outward looking, and who is thinking about the future of horticulture in New Zealand.

"It will be somebody who is able to plan for improvement and innovation in their area of horticulture – it is not common to come across people below the age of 30 who have that kind of vision, but the competition is a great place to foster that potential," she said.

Judge Andrew Maloy, who writes as the Plant Doctor for Weekend Gardener and is the associate editor of the New Zealand Garden Journal (Journal of the RNZIH), says horticulture is a dynamic environment with so many factors that are uncontrollable.

"The person who is ultimately named Young Horticulturist of the Year 2016 will need to demonstrate a combination of science, practical knowledge and the ability to think on his or her feet.

"Some countries, like Holland are renowned for their horticultural ability, but they have a limited range of crops and they use a lot of greenhouses where they can exercise more control. In New Zealand it's mostly outdoor crops and all the variables that this brings – it's why New Zealand is a world leader when it comes to science and innovation in horticulture," he said.

Sector competitions still to take place in August are:
  • NZ Winegrowers
  • NZ Flower Growers Inc. and Floristry NZ Inc.
  • Landscaping New Zealand
Finalists (30 years and under) compete for a prize pool of over $40,000 that includes a $7,500 T&G travel and accommodation package and a $5,500 Massey University study scholarship, as well as an AGMARDT Market Innovation Project first prize of $5,000.

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The Education Trust manages the Young Horticulturist of the Year competition on behalf of the sponsors and the horticultural industry.

The purpose of the Trust is to assist and promote, in any way possible, horticultural training and education in New Zealand, including promoting and providing scholarships and prize schemes for young people in horticulture.

The Young Horticulturist of the Year competition aims to offer a national competition that nurtures and develops future leaders in the horticultural industry through the sector competitions, and to promote horticulture as a career opportunity and to lift the profile of the horticulture industry as an exciting and rewarding occupation.

The vision of the competition is to identify and develop the next generation of leaders in the Horticultural industry, and to foster and encourage the development of leadership capabilities in these people to meet the challenges of the future.