Colin Dunstan, Seed Treatment Specialist

With 25 years working for Bayer Crop Science and 16 years at Pyne Gould Guinness before that, Colin Dunstan can rightly claim to be an old hand in the industry.

Today he brings his experience to seed processing companies specialising in seed treatments and the application to various seed types from across the cropping spectrum, including vegetables, grains, brassicas and beets.

Colin’s role has him liaising closely with both seed companies and seed processors, helping them provide quality seed by applying optimum levels of seed treatment products to the correct standards.

He can claim there aren’t many corners of the South Island’s cropping country he has not crossed over the years with work covering one of the most intensively cropped regions of New Zealand.

As part of his portfolio and with more quality pasture required with the increase in dairying, Colin is committed to highlighting the value of seed treatment to boost pasture establishment and potential pasture production.