Controlling Powdery Mildew

As dense canopies favour disease development and restrict spray coverage, using cultural techniques can assist control. These include physical removal of flag shoots and management of crop canopies (shoot thinning and trimming). Alongside cultural practices, a seasonal spray programme is required to protect grape crops from economic loos from powdery mildew.

Controlling early season infections to prevent later epidemics occurring is vital. A season long fungicide programme starting from early shoot development through to pre-bunch closure is necessary to prevent powdery mildew development. Luna Sensation provides growers with a powerful new tool for incorporation into powdery mildew programmes. The below photos demonstrate the effectiveness of Luna Sensation.

Powdery Mildew Grapes Bayer Luna Sensation

Luna Sensation - The Product

Luna Sensation is a co-formulation of two active ingredients, fluopyram (a SDHI, Group 7 fungicide) and trifloxystrobin (a strobilurin, Group 11 fungicide. The active ingredients in Luna Sensation provide different but complimentary properties that provide synergistic activity, giving outstanding disease control.

These properties include:

  • Upward systemic movement
  • Translaminar activity
  • Strong protectant activity
  • Continuous penetration – small amounts of the fungicide continue to penetrate the leaves over time
  • Vapour activity
  • Strong affinity with plant surfaces – binds and penetrates into the wax layer
  • Good rainfastness

Luna Sensation has a favourable environmental and toxicological profile. Being harmless and/or moderately harmful to key beneficials, Luna Sensation is suitable for use in IPM programmes. Luna Sensation has no detrimental effects on bees.