Controlling Brown Rot

Cultural techniques including maintaining an open canopy, removing diseased wood and removing mummified fruits can assist by reducing inoculum sources in the orchard. However for economic control a seasonal fungicide programme is required. The critical periods for fungicide applications are through the key infection periods – from early flowering through shuck fall and pre-harvest.

Luna Sensation provides a new highly effective option for growers to incorporate into their brown rot spray programme

Luna Sensation - The Product

Luna Sensation is a co-formulation of two active ingredients, fluopyram (a SDHI, Group 7 fungicide) and trifloxystrobin (a strobilurin, Group 11 fungicide. The active ingredients in Luna Sensation provide different but complimentary properties that provide synergistic activity, giving outstanding disease control.

These properties include:

  • Upward systemic movement
  • Translaminar activity
  • Strong protectant activity
  • Continuous penetration – small amounts of the fungicide continue to penetrate the leaves over time
  • Vapour activity
  • Strong affinity with plant surfaces – binds and penetrates into the wax layer
  • Good rainfastness

Luna Sensation has “beyond efficacy” properties which reduces rots and losses in post-harvest. This has been demonstrated in New Zealand trials. For more information go to Field Trials