Decis Forte

Decis Forte is a proven, quick acting synthetic pyrethnoid insecticide providing broad spectrum control of destructive insect pests, in a wide range of New Zealand fruit and vegetable crops. Decis Forte is non-systemic and works through contact activity and ingestion, and as such, thorough plant coverage is essential. Decis Forte is an accepted solution used by growers as part of a insecticide programme to ensure financial returns and crop profitability.

Decis Forte is no longer available as it has been deleted from the Bayer Crop Science product range in New Zealand.

Please contact your closest Bayer Crop Science Territory Manager for more information.


  • Healthy crops = higher yields = better return on investment and profitability.
  • Provides grower peace-of-mind as a fast acting, broad spectrum insecticide commonly used as a key element within successful pest control programmes.
  • Pure isomer formulation provides high biological activity with lower dose rates.
Pack size 5L.

Please download product label for full use guidelines.

Using Decis Forte on Beans

Insect Pests: Looper caterpillar

Use 360 ml (400 ml)/500 - 600 L water/ha, or 36 ml (40 ml)/100 L and apply at first sign of damage. Repeat as necessary.

Using Decis Forte on Eucalyptus

Insect Pest: Tortoise beetle 

Combine 450 ml (500 ml) with a suitable adjuvant oil at recommended rates.

Using Decis Forte on Lucerne

Insect Pest: Aphids 

Use 650 ml/ha. Apply up to two applications at 7 day intervals as part of a programme in sufficient water to ensure good coverage of all foliage.

Insect Pest: Sitonia weevil 

Use 225 ml (250 ml)/ha in at least 250 L water/ha.

Using Decis Forte on Maize and Sweetcorn

Insect Pest: Corn earworm 

Use 360 ml (400 ml)/ha. Apply in the evening as a directed spray to thoroughly cover the base of plants. Rain within a few days of treatment will improve control.

Insect Pest: Greasy cutworm 

Use 450 ml (500 ml)/ha in 250 L of water and apply in the evening as a directed spray to thoroughly cover the base of plants. Rain within a few days of treatment will improve control.

Using Decis Forte on Onions

Insect Pest: Thrips 

Use 360 ml (400 ml)/ha and apply in 500 - 600 L water/ha at the first sign of damage and repeat as necessary after 2 - 3 weeks. The addition of a non-ionic wetter is recommended.

Using Decis Forte on Orchard Crops

Insect Pest: Grass grub beetle 

For pre-flowering grapes, kiwifruit and tamarillos; non-bearing avocados, pipfruit and stonefruit; newly planted shelter provided not in flower.  Use 90 ml (100 ml) in 100 L/water and apply as a moderately fine spray ensuring complete foliage coverage.  Use at dusk commencing when beetles first appear, and repeat at 6 - 8 day intervals over the beetle feeding period.

Using Decis Forte on Pinus supp nursery seedling beds

Pests: Tomato fruit worm, Thrips

Use 36 ml (40 ml)/100 L water every 2 - 3 weeks from seedling emergence.

Using Decis Forte on Potatoes

Pest: Potato tuber moth 

Use 450 ml (500 ml) in 500 - 600 L water/ha and apply at first appearance every 10 - 14 days to control foliage mining activity. Maintain adequate soil moisture and soil cover over developing tubers.