Mesurol Pro

Mesurol Pro - Puts the fear into slugs.

Mesurol Pro is a highly effective, new formulation slug and snail bait.

Mesurol Pro controls all species of slugs, and works in all weather, meaning slug and snail populations do not recover.

High quality production techniques have resulted in baits that are small, even in size and very resistant to mould and abrasion, giving consistent ballistic properties, even spread patterns in the paddock, more baiting points and reduced dust.


  • Mesurol Pro is a highly effective, formulation slug and snail bait.
  • Easy to use high quality bait, works in all weather and suits all application methods.
  • With one rate for all situations Mesurol Pro makes slug control simple.
  • More baiting points, reduced dust.

Using Mesurol Pro

Insect Pests: Slug and snails

Simply sprinkle the bait on the area to be treated so that the baits are 8 - 10 cm apart or 100 baits per one square metre. Good results are also obtained by sprinkling a band around beds or by scattering evenly between plants. Do not pile the bait. On a per hectare basis, it is suggested that the baits be broadcast or banded by use of granule applicators at the rate of 6 kg per hectare.