Movento 100SC

Movento 100SC is effective in controlling a range of sucking pests in fruit crops, including:

• Armoured scales in Kiwifruit.
• Mealybug in Grapes.
• Apple leafcurling midge and armoured scales in apples.
• Kelly's citrus thrips and armoured scales in citrus.
• Pear leafcurling midge in pears.
• Thrips and mealybug in Blueberries.

Movento 100SC is unique in that it has two-way systemicity in plants. This means it moves both upwards and downwards and can therefore reach pests that cannot be directly targeted by spray coverage. Movento 100SC has in-built adjuvants that optimise the uptake into plant leaves. Additional adjuvants are not required. Movento 100SC is compatible with IPM systems, being harmless or only slightly harmful to common beneficials.

Please download product label for full usage guidelines.

Using Movento 100SC on Apples & Pears

Insect Pest: Apple leafcurling midge

Apply 48 ml/100 L water (minimum 960 ml/ha) to coincide with periods of peak ALCM egg laying. Apply between mid-November and mid-December for control of the second generation and again between mid-January and early February for control of the third generation.

Insect Pest: Pear leafcurling midge

Apply 48 ml/100 L water (minimum 960 ml/ha) to coincide with periods of peak pear leafcurling midge egg laying, either just prior to or immediately after flowering. 

Insect Pest: Armoured scales 

Apply 48 ml/100 L water (minimum 960 ml/ha) to target scale crawler release periods. For the first generation San Jose scale control apply between mid-November and early December, and for the second generation as required from late January to the second week of February. For oystershell scale control (South Island only) apply between mid-December and mid-January.  There is a risk of fruit russet occurring to russet-prone varieties when applied under cold or slow-drying conditions.

Using Movento 100SC on Grapes

Insect Pest: Mealybugs 

Apply 150 ml/100 L of water (minimum 750 ml/ha) in 500 L of water/ha when new season’s shoots are 20 - 50 cm long and again just prior to flowering. Do not apply in a water rate that will result in run-off.

Using Movento 100SC on Kiwifruit

Insect Pest: Armoured scales 

Use 48 ml/100 L of water (minimum 960 ml/ha) at greentip and the again pre-flowering.

Ensure the 960ml/ha rate is used. Refer to the 'Bayer Informs Kiwifruit' for more information.

Using Movento 100SC on Citrus

Insect Pest: Kellys citrus thrips and Armoured scales 

Use 96 ml/100 L of water.  Apply after flowering when pest thresholds are reached and repeat if needed before calyx closure and pre-harvest.  Use a maximum of 3 applications per season.

Usine Movento 100SC on Bluberries

Insect Pest: Thrips and Mealy bug

Use 150 ml/100L of water (minimum of 750 ml/ha). Apply at 14 - 21 day intervals, up to three times per season, using sufficient water to obtain good coverage.