Velum Prime

Velum Prime is a nematicide for the suppression of root knot nematodes in carrots.

Velum Prime with an unmatched safety profile brings a revolution in nematode management. With high intrinsic activity, resulting in a low application rate, Velum Prime reduces the crop protection load without compromising on effectiveness.


  • Easy to use - low use rate liquid formulation
  • New mode of action for nematode management
  • Excellent level of safety for the user

Pack size : 5 L

Using Velum Prime on Carrots

Pests: Root Knot Nematode

Use 1.25 L /ha and apply in 200 L of water/ha. Apply as a broadcast spray and immediately incorporate into the soil prior to planting. Make the application as close to planting as possible.

Do not use Velum prime on carrot cultivars that will be harvested within 100 days of planting eg; baby carrots.