Fluency Agent
Fluency Agent

Bayer Fluency Agent

Bayer Fluency Agent is a new seed flow lubricant for maize, developed by Bayer in the U.S.A and which is being made available in New Zealand for the 2014 spring planting season. It is ideal for using with Gaucho treated seed and is a replacement for all other lubricants including talc and graphite.

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Trials in North America using Bayer Fluency Agent have shown that the amount of the active ingredient released as dust from treated seed during planting has been reduced by up to 65%.  By reducing dust contaminated by insecticide seed treatments, Bayer Fluency Agent reduces the risk of exposure to non-target insects, including bees.

Bayer Fluency Agent was widely used across the U.S.A and Canada in the recent planting season with users rating the performance of the Bayer Fluency Agent equal to, or better than, other seed flow agents.  Results of the trials with Bayer Fluency Agent in New Zealand also showed performance equal to, or better than, the standard seed lubricants.
  • Apply the recommended rate (see label) using the supplied measure.  Do not over apply as this can reduce efficacy.
  • Mix with the seed in the seed hopper - centre fill hoppers, as Bayer Fluency Agent as the seed unit is filling.
  • Stir or mix the product into the seed.
  • Use in all makes and types of seed equipment that recommend the use of seed lubricant.
    Using Bayer Fluency Agent in Maize and Sweetcorn

    Apply 1/8 cup. 

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