Yes, 2017 marks the 12th anniversary of the introduction of Proline for New Zealand’s arable farmers by Bayer Crop Science. 

After many years of development Bayer introduced Proline into the UK market with first sales in April 2005. Just a few months later, thanks to Bayer’s commitment to and faith in the New Zealand arable market, Proline was available here. Since 2005 there has been a stream of innovative fungicides introduced into New Zealand: Fandango 2006, Mogul 2010, Aviator Xpro and Prosaro 2014 and Delaro 2015. And Bayer continues to develop fungicides containing Proline with new launches planned for 2018, 2019 and 2021. So why has Proline proved so well supported by New Zealand farmers?

Disease control revolutionised
Proline has revolutionised the control of key diseases in key arable crops. It is especially effective against scald in barley and stem rust and blind seed disease in ryegrass seed crops. The exceptional control has lifted average yields resulting in increased the profitability of these crops. Used in wheat Proline provides very effective control of Septoria leaf botch (SLB). Without Proline containing fungicides it is true to say SLB would be very difficult to control on NZ Every year Bayer collects samples of SLB and sends them to Germany to monitor the sensitivity of SLB to Proline and this year’s results have just arrived. The good news is there has been no loss of activity of SLB to Proline in the past year.
Impressive formulation quality
Bayer is a global leader in arable fungicides. This is no surprise considering the massive investment it makes in research into diseases of arable crops. But discovering active ingredients is just the start. Turning them into world class fungicides is where the skill lies and Bayer has a hard earned reputation for producing high performing formulations you can rely on.
Assured Proline availability
With such an important and time critical product Bayer knows the importance of having Proline available. By working closely with its merchants Bayer ensure adequate supplies of Proline.
We are here to help
Bayer’s field team of Territory Managers and Development Specialists is very experienced with many having supported Proline since its launch. To keep everyone up-to-date with developments in the field of arable disease control they receive regular training. And they are backed by the global expertise of Bayer, able to call upon support from many countries. This expertise is here to help you. We would love you to call upon us for help.
More information

For more information on Proline, including the label, SDS and Haznote, please visit the Proline product page.

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