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Black Nightshade

Black Nightshade Black Nightshade Black Nightshade Black Nightshade Very common throughout New Zealand, black nightshade (Solanum nigrum) is a problematic weed in horticulture, arable and beet crops. Often very numerous and quick growing, black nightshade can be a serious competitor


above the leaves in clusters. The root is a strong thick perennial taproot, enabling easy regrowth. Seeds are a reddish brown. Broad-leafed Dock Black nightshade (Solanum nigrum) is a significant weed in arable and horticultural crops but it is also common in disturbed pasture. Black

Betanal Forte

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a wide range of broad-leaved weeds including willow weed, fathen, groundel, black nightshade in beet crops, providing increased yield and crop quality. Betanal Forte can be applied once the weeds have reached two true leaves ensuring weed competition is removed quickly. Betanal has a proud 40


are small white to yellowish Read less Read more winged insects about 1.5 mm. Whitefly are sucking pests with heavy infestations debilitating plants and reducing yields. Feeding produces honeydew which often results in black sooty mould production. Greenhouse Whitefly Wheat bug (Nysius


Diseases Diseases Diseases Identify & control diseases Diseases black scurf, black spot, botrytis, brown rot, covered smut in barley, crown rust, downy mildew in onions, early blight, ear disease complex, European canker, fireblight, glume blotch, late blight, leaf rust in barley, leaf

Betanal quattro case study - Neil Rowe, Rotorua

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here, so he can pick things up before they are a problem. He invests a lot of time looking at the crop, and advising us on how to get the best results, not all reps do that. Problem weeds for Neil in the beet crop are typically red root, nightshade and shepherd’s purse, all dealt

Aviator Xpro case study - Warren Darling, South Canterbury

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case study - Warren Darling, South Canterbury All that experience led to them to setting a new world record for barley last season with a yield of 13.8t/ha from the Blackman Agriculture bred variety 776. The Darlings yield of 13.8t/ha easily broke the previous record of 12.2 tonnes – held

Bayer Young Viticulturist of the Year 2015 announced

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then discussed their individual topics which included the importance of experimenting with new grape varietals in NZ, the introduction of Geographical Indications, how to compete in a price slashing market and what can the wine industry learn from the All Blacks.  The audience of key wine industry

Bayer North Canterbury Young Viticulturist of the Year 2018 announced

and diseases. Congratulations also goes to Sam Pearce from Waipara Hills who came a very close second and also to Blake Tahapehi from Spencer Hill, Nelson who won the Biostart Hortisports. The awards dinner was held at Black Estate, where the contestants gave their speeches whilst the local wine

Apples & Pears

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Bayer Crop Science New Zealand Apples, Pears, New Zealand As the New Zealand pipfruit industry is focused on export, producing high quality fruit that meets market expectations is paramount. Controlling the key insect pests (codling moth, apple leafcurling midge, mealybug ) and diseases (black
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