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temperatures and leaf wetness) late blight epidemics can rapidly develop. Late Blight Previously referred to as Septoria nodorum and typically referred to as glume blotch (Parastgonospora nodorum) because it is normally seen on wheat ears, the disease can infect wheat foliage when it is called


Delaro on Wheat Diseases: Septoria leaf blotch, Stripe rust, Leaf rust, Glume blotch, Ear disease complex. Apply 750 ml/ha in 200 L/ha water by ground application or 50 L/ha by aerial application. Using Delaro on Ryegrass seed crops Diseases: Crown rust, Stem rust, Blind seed disease. Apply 750 ml/ha

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and Aviator Xpro, can reduce the impact of stress, which in turn leads to increased yields. Wheat can be attacked by a number of ear diseases at this time. The key ones to look out for on the ear are sooty moulds, Fusarium species, Microdochium (now called Monographella nivalis) and glume blotch


Zealand Limited Find out more Using Prosaro on Wheat Diseases: Septoria tritici, Stripe Rust, Leaf rust, Powdery mildew, Glume-blotch, Ear disease complex  Apply 1.0 L/ha on the first sign of disease.  Should disease pressure persist or reinfection occurs, a further application may

Folicur SC

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complex  Apply 440 ml/ha to fully emerged ears. Disease: Glume blotch, Leaf rust, Powdery mildew, Speckled leaf blotch, Stripe rust  Apply 440 ml/ha as preventative spray at ear emergence especially during cool, moist conditions which favour spread of disease.  A further application

Aviator Xpro case study - Graeme Marshall, Darfield

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Bayer Crop Science New Zealand Darfield-based arable farmer Graeme Marshall has taken a proactive approach to fighting the impact of speckled leaf blotch – also known as Septoria tritici blotch (STB) – on his wheat yields. With the threat of SLB a growing problem in New Zealand wheat crops

Aviator Xpro case study - Ian Batchelor, North Canterbury

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mainly scald and sometimes a bit of net blotch early on that we’re targeting. At the second fungicide timing he rang the changes on his better paddocks, investing in Bayer CropScience’s new product Aviator Xpro (bixafen + prothioconazole) in place of tried and trusted Mogul

Disease Watch First Edition - 22 September 2016

the country. Welcome to the first edition of Disease watch, a season long programme designed to keep you informed and ready to tackle diseases invading arable farms around the country. Bayer New Zealand Limited Wheat Wherever the Bayer team is looking at the moment Septoria leaf blotch can

Disease Watch Third Edition - 14 November 2016

that there is an aggressive development of Septoria leaf blotch and wheat leaf rust on the lower North Island. In Canterbury, the ones to watch are Ramularia leaf spot and scald. Find out what the disease threat looks like in your region below.Wheat - Lower North IslandA recent trip to the Bayer fungicide trial

Disease Watch Second Edition - 18 October 2016

reasons: it is one of the yield producing leaves and secondly, if disease is allowed to develop on leaf three, when the flag leaf emerges it does so at the same height in the canopy as the infected leaves and direct transfer of Septoria leaf blotch takes place. With the prevailing wet weather, warm
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