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Puma S

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agrichemicals or adjuvants. Apply to established pasture 7 days after grazing during the period December/January. Using Puma S on Perennial Ryegrass Weed: Wild oats ; Use 750 ml/ha in 250 L of water. Apply in early spring when wild oats are between 3 leaf and end of tillering growth stage


Bayer Crop Science New Zealand Cereous is a systemic fungicide for the control of stripe rust, leaf rust, powdery mildew and speckled leaf blotch in wheat, scald and leaf rust in barley, crown rust in oats, rusts in ryegrass seed crops, powdery mildew in peas and white rot in onions. Bayer


number of long-lived seeds, often as many as 150 per panicle with many panicles per plant. Wild oat seeds can remain viable in the soil for several years and the common saying “one year’s seeding, 7 years weeding” stands very true for wild oats. Wild oats can be successfully controlled with selective

Time to get on top of weeds in cereals

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control annual poa and ryegrass along with a long list of important weeds such as field pansy. If wild oats are a problem then applying Puma S will provide effective control. For barley Hussar is the product of choice. Controlling a wide range of broad leaved weeds, Hussar ensures you get your crops


the important crop establishment phase. Sakura controls competitive and difficult grassweeds. It provides excellent control of the autumn germinating ryegrass, vulpia hair grass, annual poa and soft brome. In addition Sakura suppresses autumn geminating ripgut brome, prairie grass and wild oats


: Loose smut and Covered smut  Mix 1.0 L of Raxil with 5 - 10 L of water and apply as a slurry treatment to 1.0 tonne of seed, ensuring complete coverage. Using Raxil on Oats Disease: Loose smut and Covered smut  Mix 1.0 L of Raxil with 5 - 10 L of water and apply as a slurry treatment

Folicur SC

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appearance of disease.  A further application may be necessary 3 - 4 weeks later if disease pressure remains high or re-infection occurs. Disease: Ear disease complex  Apply 440 ml/ha to fully emerged ears. Using Folicur SC on Oats Disease: Crown rust  Apply 440 ml/ha


it enters the fruit as presence in fruit is a quarantine pest in several key export markets. Codling Moth Cereal aphids are important agents for the transmission of Barley Yellow Dwarf Virus (BYDV), a virus that attacks barley, wheat and oats and which is capable of causing major yield losses

Raxil Star

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coverage Using Raxil Star on Ryecorn Disease: Fusarium sp and Monographella nivalis Mix 500 ml Raxil Star with 5 – 10 L of water and apply to 1 tonne seed, ensuring complete coverage Using Raxil Star on Oats Disease: Loose smut, covered smut, Fusarium sp and Monographella nivalis Mix 500 ml Raxil

Disease Watch 2016 2nd Edition

and also purple leaves. This virus can attack wheat, barley and oats. Wheat - Mid Canterbury David Parker, Regional Sales Manager for Mid-Canterbury, examining a Prosaro treated crop as part of Disease watch. Unlike the untreated crops we have been examining for these updates, this crop is very
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