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Pasture Pasture Pasture Pasture Pasture, annual pasture, perennial pasture Information on pasture, pests that affect pasture, the products to treat the pests, articles on pasture and spray programmes. Pasture

Pasture Spray Programme - Weeds

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Weeds Weeds Weeds Pasture Spray Programme - Weeds To combat weeds in your pasture crop, you will need an effective spray programme. Bayer Crop Science offers Puma S - please refer to the product label for a full list of rates, the weeds controlled by the product and other important

Spray Programmes

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Spray Programmes Spray Programmes Spray Programmmes Spray Programmes To maximise your pasture yield potential you will need an effective spray programme. Bayer Crop Science offers a range of herbicide, fungicides, insecticides and seed treatments which can be used as part of an integrated


Nettle Nettle Nettle Nettle Commonly called stinging nettle (Urtica urens) due to its leaves with stinging hairs on its leaves, which when brushed against cause a painful rash on human skin. Nettle is found throughout New Zealand especially in cropping areas and in pasture where


Bayer Crop Science New Zealand Abundant throughout New Zealand, chickweed (Stellaria media) is a challenging annual weed in new pasture and crops. With its quick, low growing and sprawling habit (up to 40 cm), chickweed will easily choke developing crops. Chickweed favours good moisture


and horticultural crops Read less Read more but are abundant in low fertility pastures and lawns. Plaintains are rosette perennials with upright flower stems. Recently, they have been included into pasture mixes as they are very palatable to stock and considered to have health benefits for grazing


. Kelly's Citrus Thrip Grass grub (Costelytra zealandica) is the larval stage of the bronze beetle and is found throughout New Zealand from Southland as far north as Waikato. Grass grubs feed on the roots of pasture and Read less Read more autumn planted cereals and can cause extensive plant

Puma S

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and the end of tillering and are growing actively. Avoid application during periods of moisture stress. Benefits Puma S has been shown in local trials to reduce YBG by up to 89% with a single application. Controlling YBG with Puma S will improve the quality of your pasture thereby


developed. The first application when weeds are from cotyledon to two true leaf stage and the second 10 - 14 days later. Using Nortron on Pasture Weed: Barley grass  Boom application:  Use 4.0 L in 200 - 400 litres water/ha.  Gun application:  Use 400 ml/100 L water.  

Betanal quattro case study - Chris Horn, Waitaki

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. Bayer New Zealand Limited Now into his fourth season spraying beets for clients, Chris has built a good picture of how they perform, and whether they are meeting farmer expectations as a feed source. And generally the answer is they are exceeding those expectations, even on the dry land country
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