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For Ryegrass Seed Crops For Wheat For Fodder Beet Cornbind has long slender stems that twine in a clockwise direction. The arrow shaped leaves are large and greenish-white flowers are produced on stems that arise from leaf axils. The flowers produce shiny black seeds. COTYLEDONS: Narrow club shaped


pairs and are bluntly toothed. Lower leaves have long stalks but leaves higher up on the stems are stalkless. Pink to purplish flowers are produced out of leaf axils at the top of stems. COTYLEDONS: Round with a flat apex Base is notched Stalked LEAVES: Heart–shaped Toothed Lower leaf pairs wide


on the stem and covered in stinging bristles. Inconspicuous green flowers arise from leaf axils. COTYLEDONS: Round with slightly notched apex Base rounded Shortly stalked LEAVES: Oval Strongly toothed with stinging prickles
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