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Bayer Crop Science New Zealand Nortron - the first choice for early weed control in fodder beet and red beet crops. Nortron is a pre and post-emergence herbicide for the control of grass and broad-leaved weeds in beet crops Bayer New Zealand Limited Beet Solutions Beet Solutions

Fodder Beet

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Fodder Beet Fodder Beet $name Fodder Beet fodder beet, red beet, New Zealand Information on fodder beet, pests that affect fodder beet, the products to treat the pests, articles and case studies on fodder beet and spray programmes. Fodder Beet

Betanal Forte

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and Red Beets Weeds: Please refer to the label for a full list of the weeds controlled. Use 3.0 L in 200 L of water/ha after the crop has two true leaves fully developed. For best results treat weeds at the youngest possible stage. Damage may occur especially on red beet if treated prior to the two

Betanal quattro

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especially in the first 8 weeks of establishment. To maximise beet crop yields and quality it is vital weed competition is eliminated during this time. Bayer New Zealand Limited Using Betanal quattro on Fodder Beet, Red Beet and Sugar Beet Weeds: Please refer to the label for a full list

Betanal quattro case study - Chris Horn, Waitaki

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rate of utilisation with beets compared to other supplementary feed sources. “And for beef farmers growing out yearlings, there are no real complications, the yearlings transition well onto beets, with few problems.” The split now would be 70:30 dairy to dry stock, and perhaps


Insects Insects Insects Identify & control insects Insects Apple leafcurling midge, argentine stem weevil, armoured scales, black beetle, bronze beetle, cabbage aphids, cereal aphids, codling moth, corn earworm, froggat's apple leafhopper, fuller's rose weevil, grass grub larvae, greasy


Escolta Foliar Diseases threaten your beet crops potential Escolta Foliar Diseases Fodder beet Foliar Diseases threaten your beet crops potential: 1. Reduce green leaf area Less photosynthetic area Loss in total number of leaves 2. Reduce


Bayer Crop Science New Zealand Calypso is a systemic insecticide for use in various fruit crops including: Apples – for the control of armoured scale, bronze beetle, codling moth, mealybug, Froggat’s apple leaf hopper and Fuller’s rose weevil. Avocados – for the control of thrips

Redroot (Amaranthus)

Bayer Crop Science New Zealand Commonly known as redroot (Amaranthus powellii) is the most often seen of the Amaranthus weeds in New Zealand. Able to grow very quickly up to 1 metre high, redroot is a seriously competitive weed in crops, including fodder beet. Bayer New Zealand Limited

Beet Solutions

Bayer Crop Science New Zealand Bayer New Zealand Limited 4 steps to getting the best out of your beets Fodder beet has become an increasingly popular option for New Zealand farmers over the last 10 years. Fodder beet provides impressive yields of high quality energy rich feed which can
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