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, speedwell, spurrey, stinking mayweed, storksbill, twin cress, vetch, volunteer brassicas, vulpia hair grass, white campion, white clover, wild oats, wild portulaca, wild radish, charlock, wild turnip, willow herb, willow weed, wireweed, yellow bristle grass Use this page for weed identification


to 1.0 tonne of seed, ensuring complete coverage. Using Raxil on Wheat Disease: Loose smut, Stinking smut and Bunt  Mix 1.0 L with sufficient water (5 - 10 L) and apply as a slurry treatment to 1.0 tonne of seed ensuring complete coverage. Benefits Raxil is highly effective against

Raxil Star

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: Loose smut, covered smut, leaf stripe, seed borne net blotch, Fusarium sp and Monographella nivalis Mix 500 ml Raxil Star with 5 – 10 L of water and apply to 1 tonne seed, ensuring complete coverage Using Raxil Star on Wheat Disease: Loose smut, Bunt (stinking smut), Fusarium sp
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