Eight reasons

to use Teldor this season

① Excellent efficacy in controlling botrytis

  • Long lasting protect activity
  • Well proven over many years of use

② From the hydroxyanilides chemical group (Group 17)

  • Different Mode of action to other botryticides
  • Classified as low to medium risk of resistance development

③ Ideal fit for the industry resistance management strategy

Perfect for rotation of fungicides with different modes of action in a seasonal botrytis spray programmes

④ Flexibility of use

  • For Nil-detectable residue programmes can be used at 80% capfall timing
  • In managed MRL programmes can be used upto veraison + 14 days
  • NZ WHP – 21 days. Consult with your company for pre- harvest interval

⑤ Easy to use liquid formulation

  • 5 Litre pack size
  • Is Agrecovery compatible

A Quick Glance at Teldor
DISEASE Botrytis (Botrytis cinerea)
RATE   75 ml/100 litres (minimum 750 ml/ha)
WATER RATE  Apply in sufficient water to get good coverage.
SPRAY TIMING  Can be used anytime up to veraison plus 14 days. See Pre-harvest interval below
RAINFASTNESS  Teldor is rainfast within 1 hour after application
PRE-HARVEST INTERVAL NDR programme - 80% capfall. Managed MRL programme - consult your wine company. NZ-21 days
NUMBER OF APPLICATIONS Botrytis spray programmes with a maximum of 3 treatments per season: maximum 1 application of Teldor. Spray programmes with 4-5 treatments per season: maximum 2 Teldor applications
COMPATIBILITY  Compatible with most commonly used insecticides and fungicides
ADJUVANTS  None required
PACK SIZE  5 Litre plastic bottles. Is AgRecovery compatible