Get rid of weeds now in your autumn planted cereals or ryegrass seed crops.

Whether it is autumn planted cereals or ryegrass seed crops the mild autumn weather, which has created excellent conditions for planting crops, has also been excellent for weed germination and growth. Now is the time to walk your paddocks and get on top of any weeds before winter.

There is no doubt that seedbed preparation this year has been more straight forward than last year. Seedbeds are better structured with few large clods and this has allowed the pre-emergence herbicides Firebird and Nortron to work very well.

But the mild weather is also stimulating further weed growth and so now is the time to walk your paddocks and see what is happening.

It is always much easier, cheaper and more effective to control small weeds. Especially if this can happen before the weeds are exposed to cold winter weather. Cold weather  encourages leaf wax development which “hardens up”  weeds. So, as we go into spring not only are weeds hard but they are bigger too.

If, when walking your paddocks, you do find weeds germinating the current weather is still ideal for herbicides to work effectively.

In wheat, now is the time to apply Othello OD to control grass weeds and broad-leaved weeds. In barley, Hussar is the product of choice but as Hussar does need warmer weather than Othello OD to be fully effective don’t delay applications. If you are dealing with a ryegrass seed crop then Jaguar is the perfect foundation for your herbicide programme.

For more information about Othello OD, Hussar or Jaguar please contact your local Bayer Regional Manager.