Proline is commonly recognised as New Zealand’s leading fungicide for disease control in barley and ryegrass seed crops.

Proline is used by many of New Zealand’s top cereal growers to help achieve high crop yields and greater financial returns.

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  • Proline is especially effective against scald and ramularia leaf spot in barley and stem rust and blind seed disease in ryegrass seed crops.

  • Proline is the perfect base for effective disease control programmes being the ideal mixing partner for a range of fungicides.
Crop Diseases Controlled
Barley Scald, net blotch, ramularia leaf spot, leaf rust
Ryegrass Seed Crops Crown rust, stem rust, blind seed disease
Wheat Stripe rust, leaf rust, septoria leaf blotch
Product Type Fungicide
Active Ingredient Prothioconazole 250 g/litre
Formulation Type Emulsifiable concentrate
Pack Size 10L
Application Rate/Timing Apply 400 - 800 ml/ha at first sign of disease. Should disease pressure persist or re-infection occur a further application may be required 3 - 4 weeks later.  Apply in at least 200 L of water per hectare by ground or 50 L per hectare by aerial application. Use high water volumes in dense or advanced crops especially under dry weather conditions.
Withholding Period Wheat, barley (grain): 56 days
Wheat, barley (forage): 42 days
Ryegrass seed (grain): 14 days
Ryegrass (forage): 35 days
Mixing Half fill the spray tank with water, pour in the required quantity of Proline with agitators running, then top up with water. Do not pre-mix.

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