Sakura brand tag
Sakura brand tag


Sakura is a pre-emergence herbicide for use in wheat (not durum wheat) and triticale for the control of annual and perennial ryegrass, vulpia hair grass, annual poa and soft brome. In addition, Sakura will suppress ripgut brome and wild oats. As a Group K3 herbicide Sakura aids managing herbicide resistance by providing a different mode of action for ryegrass species, bromes and wild oats.

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  • Sakura is applied pre-emergence of the weeds ensuring competition from weeds is eliminated during the important crop establishment phase.
  • Sakura controls competitive and difficult grassweeds. It provides excellent control of the autumn germinating ryegrass, vulpia hair grass, annual poa and soft brome. In addition Sakura suppresses autumn geminating ripgut brome, prairie grass and wild oats.
  • As Sakura is applied soon after planting it means that you can get on to the paddock to spray. You can then have the confidence to move on to other jobs knowing Sakura is protecting your crops from weeds during autumn and early winter
Crop Wheat and triticale (not durum wheat)
Weeds controlled Grassweeds ‚Äď see label for details
Product type Herbicide Group K
Active ingredient Pyroxasulfone 850 g/kg
Formulation type Water-dispersible granules
Pack size 1kg
Application rate/timing Apply 125-150 g/ha pre-emergence of both the crop and grassweeds.
The higher rate is recommended when the paddock has problem weeds present, a high grassweed burden, the seedbed is cloddy or trash is present on the soil surface.
Sakura can be applied during April and May. When using Sakura observe the buffer zone of 15 m in any direction of a water course.
Mixing Ensure spray equipment is thoroughly cleaned before use. Add the required amount of Sakura to a partly-filled spray tank with the agitation system operating. Otherwise the granules will not dissolve properly. Add the remaining water and any tank mixture partners. Maintain agitation until spraying is complete. Do not allow spray mixture to stand overnight. Flush equipment with clean water after use.
Application volume Apply Sakura using 200 L/ha as a coarse droplet.
Compatibility Before mixing Sakura with other crop protection products, check to ensure that this will not negatively affect product efficacy and crop safety.
Withholding period Do not graze or cut for stockfood for 6 weeks after application
Following crops and crop failure See label for guidance

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