Sakura is a new, pre-emergence, herbicide that delivers broad spectrum grassweed control in wheat and triticale.

Sakura controls both annual and perennial ryegrass, annual poa, vulpia hair grass and soft brome. In addition, Sakura gives suppression of ripgut brome, prairie grass and wild oats.

Applied pre-emergence of the crop and weeds, Sakura allows your crops to get the best possible start, removing weeds before they have had time to compete for nutrients, water and energy.

Sakura contains pyroxasulfone. This is a new herbicide for New Zealand and provides farmers with a new choice against difficult and competitive grassweeds.


  • Sakura is applied pre-emergence of the weeds ensuring competition from weeds is eliminated during the important crop establishment phase.
  • Sakura controls competitive and difficult grassweeds. It provides excellent control of the autumn germinating ryegrass, vulpia hair grass, annual poa and soft brome. In addition Sakura suppresses autumn geminating ripgut brome, prairie grass and wild oats.
  • As Sakura is applied soon after planting it means that you can get on to the paddock to spray. You can then have the confidence to move on to other jobs knowing Sakura is protecting your crops from weeds during autumn and early winter

Pack size 1kg. Treats 8 ha at a dose rate of 125 g/ha.

Please download the product label for full usage guidelines.

Using Sakura on wheat and triticale

Crop: Pre-emergence of wheat and triticale

Weed: Pre-emergence weeds

Apply at 125-150 g/ha in a single application pre-emergence of both the weeds and crop. The higher rate is recommended when the paddock has problem weeds present, a high grassweed burden, the seedbed is cloddy or trash is present on the soil surface.

When using Sakura please observe the buffer zone of 15 m in any direction of a water course and apply during April and May.