With an increasing focus on sustainability and safety to the environment, the use of biologicals is developing as an important management tool in modern farming. Bayer recognises this and globally is investing in Bayer Biologics – a new category of crop management, derived from natural occurring materials such as plants, fungi and bacteria. An example of this is Serenade Prime, a product consisting of beneficial bacteria.

What is Beneficial Bacteria?

In most soils there are many species of fungi and bacteria. Some are beneficial, some benign and other antagonistic to crop growth. There is one genus of bacteria which is represented by many strains of one species in particular, Bacillus subtilis. This Bacillus subtilis species is generally beneficial to the function of the root soil interface in crop plants but different strains have different capabilities.

Bayer has screened thousands of strains of Bacillus subtilis bacteria since the late 90’s and identified and developed one highly active strain QST 713 for use in horticulture and agriculture. This strain was selected because of its extreme speed of colonisation of roots and because of its superior ability to provide plants with increased access to soil resources.
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