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Confidor is a highly effective systemic foliar insecticide for controlling sucking and piercing insects in onion, grapes, lettuce and vegetable brassica crops.

Confidor is the proven, accepted solution used by growers to ensure financial returns and crop profitability.

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  • Healthy crops = higher yields = better return on investment and profitability.

  • Confidor offers proven, reliable control of sucking and piercing insects, providing growers with peace-of-mind protection from potentially destructive pest populations.

Pack sizes 1L & 5L.

Please download product label for full use guidelines.
Crop Pest Controlled
Grapes Mealybugs
Lettuce Aphids
Onions Thrips
Vegetable Brassicas Cabbage aphids
Question Answer
Product Type Insecticide
Active Ingredient Imidacloprid 350g/litre
Formulation Type Suspension concentrate
Pack Size 1L & 5L
Application Rate/Timing Young non-bearing vines and vines for removal
Apply 1.5 ml/500 ml water/vine as a single drench treatment in autumn or winter to the base of non-bearing replant vines or vines awaiting removal. If rainfall or overhead irrigation is not likely in the 2 days after drenching, apply 2.0 L of water/vine once the drench has soaked in. Treated vines must be clearly identified. Any crop set on treated vines must be destroyed within 10 weeks of fruit set.

Use 20 - 30 ml/2.5 L of water per 1000 plants. Apply evenly in a watering can to seedling trays 1 day before transplanting.

Use 225 ml/ha in 500 - 600 L water/ha. Monitor thrip levels and make first application when pest threshold has been reached. Repeat applications at 7 - 10 day intervals as a cluster with a maximum of 4 applications. The addition of a wetting agent is recommended. Ensure thorough spray coverage.

Vegetable Brassicas
Use 9 ml/2.5 L water per 1000 plants. Apply evenly in a watering can to seedling trays 1 day before transplanting.
Withholding Period Onions: 7 days
Vegetable Brassicas (cell transplants): 70 days
Lettuce (cell transplants): 35 days
Grapes: Do not use after the second week of May
Compatibility Confidor is compatible with commonly used fungicides.

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Confidor User Guide for Grapes