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Scala is a proven, highly effective fungicide for the control of Black spot in apples and botrytis in grapes.

Scala is transported through both translaminar and vapour activity, allowing it to penetrate plant tissue and protect the flowers and foliage.

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  • Scala provides grower peace-of-mind by protecting the plant through translaminar and vapour activity.

  • The vapour activity of Scala can penetrate into grape bunches, protecting areas not directly reached by spray coverage.

Pack size 10 L.

Please download product label for full usage guidelines.
Crop Diseases Controlled
Apples Black spot
Grapes Botrytis
Question Answer
Product Type Fungicide
Active Ingredient Pyrimethanil 400 g/litre
Formulation Type Suspension concentrate
Pack Size 10 L
Application Rate/Timing Apples
Disease: Black spot
Use 75 ml/100 L in two applications 7 - 10 days apart during the period from greentip to 90% petal fall. From pink to 90% petal fall when small fruitlets are forming, reduce spray interval to 5 - 7 days to ensure all susceptible tissue is covered. Add a powdery mildew fungicide as required. Use alternative black spot fungicides for rest of season. Use no more than four applications in a season.

Disease: Botrytis

Use 200 ml/100 L or 2.0 L/ha. Make two applications either at early flowering or late flowering and pre-bunch closure or pre-bunch closure and veraison. Add a wetter/sticker when applied alone.
Withholding Period Grapes: 7 days
Apple: up to 90% petal fall

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Scala HazNote

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