Caley iblon
Caley iblon

CALEY iblon

The perfect choice when you require a top performing, convenient, all-in-one fungicide for wheat, barley and ryegrass seed crops.

For exceptional disease control, leading to consistently high yields and increased profit.

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  • CALEY iblon conveniently delivers the ideal combination of two exceptional fungicides, iblon (isoflucypam) and prothioconazole (Proline, Prosaro), making your fungicide choice simpler.

  • CALEY iblon has been rigorously developed under NZ conditions so you can be sure it contains the optimum amount of both fungicides.

  • Tested against comparative fungicides in NZ CALEY iblon provided outstanding, long lasting disease control resulting in higher yields and profit in both wheat and barley.

  • CALEY iblon can be applied to wheat, barley and ryegrass seed crops for the control of all key, yield robbing, diseases.

  • Choosing when to apply CALEY iblon is simple. It is the perfect choice for your GS39 (flag leaf emerged) fungicide on both wheat and barley.

  • CALEY iblon uses innovative formulation technology to ensure it spreads evenly over the leaf even when applied at low water volumes.

  • CALEY iblon is rainfast after 1 hour in most conditions.
Crop Diseases controlled
Barley Scald, net blotch, ramularia leaf spot, leaf rust
Wheat Speckled leat blotch, stripe rust, leaf rust
Triticale Stripe rust, leaf rust
Ryegrass seed crop
Stem rust
Product Type
Active Ingredient
Isoflucypram 50 g/L
Prothioconazole 100 g/L
Formulation Rate
Emulsifiable concentrate
Pack Size
10 litre
Application Rate 1.5 L/ha
Application Method Apply at the first sign of disease in at least 100 L/ha water using a tractor mounted hydraulic sprayer delivering a medium – coarse droplet.
CALEY iblon can be aerially applied using 50 L/ha water
Buffer Zone for a Downwind Waterbody CALEY iblon requires a 2 metre buffer zone with ground based application and 50 metres with aerial application
Rainfastness CALEY iblon is rainfast 1 hour after application under most conditions
Withholding Period Wheat and triticale grain straw/stubble: 42 days
Wheat and triticale green feed/silage: 28 days
Barley grain and straw/stubble: 56 days
Barley green feed/silage: 42 days
Ryegrass seed crops regrowth: 49 days
Ryegrass seed crops straw/stubble: 35 days
No. Applications/Crop One application per calendar year
Compatibility With a range of commonly used fungicides and herbicides
Certified Handler Approved handler status is not required

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