Carrots are a slow growing crop which means they are highly susceptible to weed competition. The use of herbicides to eradicate weed competition is critical to maximizing yields. The Bayer herbicide, Sencor, is a highly effective post emergence product for providing knockdown and residual weed control in carrot crops.

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Sencor 480SC brand tag
Sencor 480 SC
Sencor 480SC contains 480 g/L metribuzin in the form of a suspension concentrate.

Sencor 480SC is a selective herbicide for pre and post-emergence weed control in carrots, peas, potatoes, tomatoes and other crops. A single application gives residual control as well as a knockdown effect on many weeds.
Velum Prime brand tag
Velum Prime
Velum Prime is a nematicide for the suppression of root knot nematodes in carrots.

Velum Prime with an unmatched safety profile brings a revolution in nematode management. With high intrinsic activity, resulting in a low application rate, Velum Prime reduces the crop protection load without compromising on effectiveness.