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Kestrel brand tag


Kestrel contains two different and complementary DMI fungicides for very effective curative disease control in wheat, barley and ryegrass seed crops.

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  • Kestrel is a very effective and versatile broad spectrum fungicide against all key diseases of wheat, barley and ryegrass seed crops allowing the product to be stocked and recommended for the commonly grown crops

  • Kestrel is the ideal DMI fungicide to use at all crop timings and is the perfect partner for all straight formulations of SDHI and strobilurin fungicides

  • Containing a robust prothioconazole content and with a variable rate for wheat and ryegrass seed crops Kestrel allows strong fungicide programmes to be applied, especially for speckled leaf blotch

  • Kestrel has been available in Europe for several seasons and during this time it has been acknowledged as a quality formulation

  • Containing two complimentary DMI fungicides Kestrel is the ideal DMI component of a mixed mode-of-action fungicide programme designed to combat the development of fungicide resistance
Crop Diseases Controlled
Wheat Stripe rust
Leaf rust
Powdery mildew
Speckled leaf blotch
Tan spot
Ear disease complex
Glume blotch
Barley Scald
Net blotch
Spot blotch
Ramularia leaf spot
Leaf rust
Ear disease complex
Ryegrass Seed Crops Crown rust
Stem rust
Blind seed disease
Product Type Fungicide
Active Ingredient Prothioconazole 160 g/litre
Tebuconazole 80 g/litre
Dimethyl capramide 400 – 600 g/litre
Formulation Type Emulsifiable concentrate
Pack Size 10 L
Rate Wheat and Ryegrass Seed Crops
1.0 - 1.25 L/ha

1.0 L/ha
Application Rate/Timing

Apply at the first sign of disease in mixture with a partner fungicide in at least 110 L/ha water using a tractor mounted hydraulic sprayer.

Repeat 3-4 weeks later if necessary.

Kestrel can be aerially applied using 50 L/ha water

Withholding Period Cereals (grain): 56 days
Cereals (forage): 42 days
Ryegrass (seed): 30 days
Ryegrass (Forage): 35 days
Compatibility With commonly used fungicides, herbicides and insecticides
Mixing Half fill the spray tank with water, then pour in the required quantity of Kestrel® with agitators running, then top up with water. Do not pre-mix.
Rainfastness Kestrel is rainfast 1 hour after application when applied to a fry crop
No. Applications / Crop Maximum two applications per calendar year with a minimum interval period of 21 days between applications
Certified Handler Certification is required

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