For curative disease control in wheat, barley and ryegrass seed crops


  • Kestrel is a very effective and versatile broad spectrum fungicide against all key diseases of wheat, barley and ryegrass seed crops allowing the product to be stocked and recommended for the commonly grown crops
  • Kestrel is the ideal DMI fungicide to use at all crop timings and is the perfect partner for all straight formulations of SDHI and strobilurin fungicides
  • Containing a robust prothioconazole content and with a variable rate for wheat and ryegrass seed crops Kestrel allows strong fungicide programmes to be applied, especially for speckled leaf blotch
  • Kestrel has been available in Europe for several seasons and during this time it has been acknowledged as a quality formulation
  • Containing two complimentary DMI fungicides Kestrel is the ideal DMI component of a mixed mode-of-action fungicide programme designed to combat the development of fungicide resistance
Bayer Crop Science Kestrel