Insect pests cause economic loss to growers and farmers throughout New Zealand. Bayer has an innovative range of insecticides available including Movento, the highly efficacious and IPM compatible insecticide for controlling sucking pests.

Controlling insect pests in fruit and vines crops is required to reduce crop damage but also to eliminate their presence on fruit as they can be quarantine pests for many export markets. Key Bayer insecticides include Movento 100SC, Confidor and Calypso.

Vegetable crops are susceptible to a wide range of pests. The Bayer insecticides Movento OD, Oberon and Proteus are effective for controlling sucking pests including the tomato/potato psyllid. Confidor and Proteus are options for control of thrips in onions.

Gaucho is a highly effective Bayer seed treatment insecticide for controlling insect pests during crop establishment of forage and arable crops.

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