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Sencor 480 SC

Sencor 480SC contains 480 g/L metribuzin in the form of a suspension concentrate.

Sencor 480SC is a selective herbicide for pre and post-emergence weed control in carrots, peas, potatoes, tomatoes and other crops. A single application gives residual control as well as a knockdown effect on many weeds.

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  • Sencor 480SC controls a wide range of weeds early on, leading to increased yields and greater profitability.
  • Sencor 480SC can be used for both pre and post-emergence weed control allowing more time to get the job done.
  • Sencor 480SC is an easy to use liquid formulation.

Pack size 5 L

Please download product label for full use guidelines.

Crop Weeds Controlled
Carrots, Lentils, Lucerne, Maize, Peas, Potatoes, Tomatoes Susceptible: Amaranths, barnyard grass, charlock, chickweed, fathen, field speedwell, fumitory, galinsoga, groundsel, henbit, nettles, plantains, redroot, scentless chamomile, shepherd’s purse, spurrey, small-flowered buttercups, stinking mayweed, storksbill, twin cress, white campion, wildradish, wild turnip, willow weed, wireweed.
Product Type Herbicide
Active Ingredient Metribuzin 480 g/litre
Formulation Type Suspension concentrate
Pack Size 5 L
Application Rate/Timing Carrots
Weeds: Pre and post-emergence

Apply when carrots have reached the two true leaf stage but before the majority of weeds have reach 4 leaf stage.  Use 730 mL in 300-500 L of water/ha.

Weeds: Pre and post-emergence

Apply after sowing but before seedling emergence.  Do not exceed the recommended rate as crop damage and yield reduction may occur.  Use 730 mL alone or 365 mL plus 3.0 L cyanazine (e.g Bladex) in no less the 200 L of water/ha after sowing but before seedling emergence.

Weeds: Pre and post-emergence

Apply during dormant or semi-dormant period of the crop.  Use 1.46 L in 300-600 L of water/ha.  Where perennial weeds are a problem apply 730 mL plus 1.6 L atrazine (50% a.i) or 730 mL plus 2.0 L paraquat (20% a.i) in 300-600 L water/ha.

Do not apply to lucerne stands less than 9 months old.  Sencor 480SC is particularly effective for the control of Kentucky bluegrass (Poa pratensis) in lucerne.

Weeds: Pre and post-emergence

Apply after planting but before crop emergence.  This mixture will control annual broadleaf and grass weeds.  Use 800-1240 mL plus 8.0 L alachlor (50% a.i) in no less than 300 L of water/ha.

Weeds: Post emergence

Apply 730 mL/ha of Sencor 480SC for the control of both grass and broadleaf weeds.  In those situations where nightshade is a problem add 1 kg/ha of Tribunil.  Alternatively, if grasses are not a problem and only nightshade and other broadleaf weeds are present the mixture of 365 mL/ha of Sencor 480SC + 1 kg/ha Tribunil is recommended.  Applications should be made in 300-500 L of water per hectare before the crop has reached 15cm in height and before the weeds have reached the 4-leaf stage.

WARNING: Do not spray peas until the crop has fully recovered from the effects of rolling and harrowing.  Do not apply to crops suffering disease or frost damage.  Do not apply to undersown crops.

Weeds: Pre and post-emergence 

Early crop (cool, moist conditions):  Apply 730 mL in 360 - 600 L water/ha during emergence but before the majority of the potatoes are more than 10 cm high and preferably when the weeds are at the cotyledon to two true leaf stage.
Main crop (warm, dry conditions):  Apply 1100 mL/ha in 340-600 L water/ha at weed emergence, but before the majority of potatoes are more than 10cm high and preferably when the weeds are at the cotyledon to 2-true leaf stage. 

Weeds: Pre and post-emergence

Pre-emergence in direct seed crops:  Apply after seedling but prior to crop emergence.  If necessary follow with a post-emergence spray.  Use 730 mL in 300-600 L of water/ha.

Post-emergence in direct seeded or transplant crops:  Apply as a directed spray when the tomatoes have 4 true leaves and the weeds are at the cotyledon stage.  Use 730 mL in 300-600 L of water/ha.
Compatibility When applying post emergence do not combine with emulsifiable concentrates of insecticides or other herbicides. Do not use surfactants. Do not apply fungicide/insecticide sprays within 5 days of Sencor® 480SC application to potatoes and tomatoes.

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