All the key agricultural and horticultural crops in New Zealand are susceptible to a range of fungal diseases. Not only can these diseases devastate crop yields but they can also negatively impact the quality of high value export crops.

Controlling fungal diseases in arable (wheat, barley etc) crops is critical to delivering yield and maximizing the economic potential of your crop. Innovative Bayer fungicides for arable crops include Aviator Xpro, Delaro, Proline and Prosaro.

High value fruit and vines crops are especially susceptible as even minor infections can impact the quality of export crops. Bayer fungicides for fruit and vine crops include Luna Sensation, Luna Privilege, Teldor, Flint and Serenade Max.

Vegetable crops (especially Potatoes and onions) can be severely impacted by diseases. Bayer fungicides for onions include Luna Devotion, Cereous and Reason while Infinito and Reason are innovative fungicides for blight control in potatoes.

Raxil, Galmano and Aliette Super are Bayer seed treatment fungicides available for forage and arable crops.
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