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Roundup Ultra®MAX - it’s the surfactant that makes it stand out from the rest.

Roundup Ultra®MAX is a non-residual, non-selective herbicide for the control of a wide range of weeds in many crops. With the power of TRANSORB II surfactant Roundup Ultra®MAX delivers rapid translocation from leaf to roots resulting in rapid uptake and brownout.

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What’s in a drum - surfactants make the difference

Having a high load of glyphosate isn’t enough to kill tough weeds effectively. And the salt type is mainly beneficial for compatibility and solubility of glyphosate.

The importance of surfactants

Surfactants are critical to enhance the efficacy of glyphosate, by enabling better penetration into the plant.
Glyphosate performance relies on the quality of the surfactant.
Inferior surfactants or a low surfactant to active ingredient ratio may reduce glyphosate uptake or speed of kill.

The power of TRANSORB II surfactant

TRANSORB II is a powerful, new generation surfactant designed exclusively in a concentrated form to deliver outstanding performance.

Benefits of Roundup Ultra®MAX

Roundup Ultra®MAX has been designed not to require additional surfactants (with the exception of Pulse®/Slikka®). In fact, it contains one of the highest surfactant loadings in the market, giving it rapid penetration, brownout and improved rainfastness. That’s the difference technology makes.

  • Every drum of Roundup Ultra®MAX is manufactured to the highest standards. Bayer controls the manufacturing from start to finish. Tough test protocols for stability, consistency and surfactant ensure the highest quality every time.
  • The powerful surfactant system in Roundup Ultra®MAX ensures rapid penetration into the plant, delivering faster brownout and quicker translocation to the roots.
  • Timing is everything. Roundup Ultra®MAX sprayed paddocks can be grazed (except where ragwort is present), cultivated or drilled just one day after spraying for annual weeds, and three days for perennial weeds. Minimising downtime, this gets your paddocks back into production sooner.
  • High load, low viscosity and low foam formulation.
  • The powerful TRANSORB II surfactant system in Roundup Ultra®MAX delivers fast uptake into weeds, and this is supported by a 30 minute rainfast period, when used with approved penetrants such as Pulse® or Slikka®.
  • The Bayer Sales and Field Solutions Team are with you in the field, supporting you every step of the way.
  • Available in a range of pack sizes – 18 L, 100 L and 1,000 L

Using Roundup Ultra®MAX

Some general instructions are given on this page, however for usage recommendations on a very wide range of crops read the label for detailed guidance.

  • Apply to green, actively growing foliage to allow Roundup Ultra®MAX to be effectively absorbed by the plant
  • Ensure the crop is dry and when two hours of dry weather is expected following application
  • Avoid drift on to non-target plants
Product Type Herbicide
Active Ingredient Glyphosate as the potassium salt 570g/litre
Formulation Type Soluble concentrate
Pack Size 18 L, 100 L and 500 L

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Roundup Ultra®MAX Label

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