Roundup UltraMAX

Roundup UltraMAX is a non-residual, non-selective herbicide for the control of a wide range of weeds in many crops.

It is a Group G herbicide containing 570 g/L glyphosate as the potassium salt as a soluble concentrate (SC) formulation.


  • Roundup UltraMAX is now fully supported by Bayer in New Zealand from the team who are in the field with you
  • You can have confidence that you are using a quality formulation trusted by New Zealand farmers over many years
  • Available in a range of pack sizes – 18L, 100L and 500L

Using Roundup on UltraMAX

Some general instructions are given below but with recommendations for use on a very wide range of crops read the label for detailed use guidance.

  • Apply to green, actively growing foliage to allow Roundup UltraMAX to be effectively absorbed by the plant
  • Ensure the crop is dry and 2 hours dry weather is expected following application
  • Avoid drift on to non-target plants