Previcur N

Previcur N

Previcur N is a systemic fungicide for the control of damping off (Pythium spp.) in ornamentals.

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  • Systemic uptake from the roots provides protection to aerial parts of the plant

  • Long lasting – provides up to 3-4 weeks protection against damping off disease

  • Good crop safety (when used as directed)

  • Easy to use liquid formulation

Pack size - 1L
Crop Diseases Controlled
Ornamentals Damping-off (Pythium spp.)
Question Answer
Product Type Fungicide
Active Ingredient Propamocarb 600 g/litre 
Formulation Type Soluble concentrate
Pack Size Pack size - 1L
Application Rate/Timing Seedling and seedbed treatments
Mix 1.5ml/litre of water and apply 2 litres of solution per square metre as a soil drench. Prick out seedlings as soon as soil has dried sufficiently to be worked.

Cuttings - soil treatment
Mix 1.5ml/litre of water. Apply 2 litres of solution per square metre immediately after setting and repeat at 3 week intervals. Normally 3-4 treatments are adequate.

Cuttings - plants
Dip into solution of 1.5 ml/litre of water

Pot plants
Mix 1.5ml/litre of water. Drench or dip young plants prior to potting out. Immediately after planting, apply 100ml of solution per 100-110 mm pot, 150ml per 120-130mm pot, and repeat at 3 week intervals. Normally 3-4 treatments are adequate.

Bulk soil
Apply 250-300 ml in 10-20 litres of water per cubic metre of soil and mix thoroughly. Preventative treatment in bulk soil for pot plants is recommended

Always read the label before using Previcur N
Mixing Add the required amount to clean water. Stir thoroughly before use. Compatibility: Compatible with most insecticides and fungicides. Do not mix with foliar fungicides.

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