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Aviator Xpro

Aviator Xpro is a protective and curative high performing fungicide for use in wheat and barley which combines two complimentary fungicides, prothioconazole (DMI) and bixafen (SDHI), in a convenient ready mixed formulation. Its innovative Leafshield™ formulation ensures even leaf distribution and rapid rainfastness.

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  • Aviator Xpro gives excellent control of the key diseases of wheat, barley and triticale to deliver high yields and an attractive return on investment.

  • Aviator Xpro’s Leafshield formulation technology maximises the number of days when spraying is possible. Containing specially designed adjuvants, Aviator Xpro spreads evenly on the leaf, dries quickly and is rainfast once dry on the crop under most circumstances.

  • Aviator Xpro is the easy way to apply a ready-mixed formulation of both a DMI and SDHI fungicide. As well as reducing the complexity of stocking multiple fungicides – less partially used containers, less plastic waste, less risk of applying the wrong rate, it means that you are applying two modes of action in a tested ratio which helps reduce the risk of fungicide resistance developing.

  • Aviator Xpro was developed in New Zealand under our conditions by Bayer’s expert field solutions team. Together this ensures Aviator Xpro and the Bayer field team will deliver maximum value for you.
Crop Diseases Controlled
Barley Scald, net blotch, ramularia leaf spot, leaf rust
Wheat Speckled leaf blotch, stripe rust, leaf rust
Triticale Stripe rust, leaf rust
Product Type Fungicide
Active Ingredient Bixafen 75 g/L
Prothioconazole 150 g/L
Formulation Type Emulsifiable concentrate
Pack Size 10 litres
Application Rate/Timing Apply 700 ml - 1.0 L/ha in 120 L/ha water at the first signs of disease.
Re-apply 3-4 weeks later if required.
Application Method By tractor mounted hydraulic boom sprayer or by aerial application.
Water Rate 120 L/ha water by ground application or 50 L/ha by aerial application
Rainfastness Rainfast once dry on the leaf under most conditions when applied to a dry crop
Withholding Period Wheat, barley and triticale (grain): 56 days
Wheat, barley and triticale (forage): 42 days
No. Applications/Crop Maximum two per crop
Compatibility Compatible with a wide range of commonly used fungicides and insecticides
Certified Handler Not required
Question Answer
1. With a dose rate registered what rate of Aviator Xpro should I apply?? Following extensive trial work in New Zealand Bayer has concluded that under most circumstances the dose rate to use is 1.0 L/ha. This gives excellent disease control, excellent green leaf retention and high yields. However, under low disease pressure or for crops grown on paddocks with a low yield potential a dose rate of 700 ml/ha can be more economical.
2. When is the most effective crop growth stage to apply Aviator Xpro?

Trials evaluating the impact of applying Aviator Xpro at various crop growth stages in New Zealand has shown that the most consistently effective time to apply Aviator Xpro is at GS39 (flag leaf fully emerged) for both wheat and barley. Applied at this growth stage Aviator Xpro protects the important yield generating leaves in wheat and is most effective at controlling ramularia leaf spot in barley.

3. When I use Aviator Xpro my crops often look very green. Why is this?

Due to the exceptional disease control provided by Aviator Xpro, excellent green leaf retention may be noted after the use of the product. A higher percentage of leaves undamaged by disease results in a prolonged growing period and thus assists the crop to reach its full potential.

 4. What is Leafshield technology? Leafshield utilises the latest advancements in formulation technology to further optimise the already impressive disease control. It has been designed with grower’s flexibility in mind to provide rainfastness within an hour and deliver improved spreading and penetrating properties to ensure greater uptake of active ingredients for better results.
5. Why is the withholding period for grain and forage different? TBD
6. Is Aviator Xpro registered for use on ryegrass seed crops? No, Aviator Xpro is registered for use on wheat and barley only.
7. Should I continue using Aviator Xpro or should I now use CALEY iblon? Bayer is proud to have enabled New Zealand farmers to be the first globally to have access to CALEY iblon and to benefit from this to class leading fungicide. However, there is still a strong place for Aviator Xpro in fungicide programmes. It is the ideal fungicide to use after CALEY iblon in both wheat and barley and it also fits very well at crop growth stage 39 when a high performing fungicide is required for crops grown on paddocks with a lower yield potential.
8. When is the most effective crop growth stage to apply Aviator Xpro? With the introduction of CALEY iblon the ideal timing for using Aviator Xpro has changed. Bayer now recommends Aviator Xpro to be used at GS55 in barley and at GS65 in high potential wheat crops following CALEY iblon applied at GS39.

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