Apples & Pears

As the New Zealand pipfruit industry is focused on export, producing high quality fruit that meets market expectations is paramount. Controlling the key insect pests (codling moth, apple leafcurling midge, mealybug ) and diseases (black spot and powdery mildew) is vital in producing export quality fruit. Bayer has a range of effective and innovative products for use in a pipfruit. These include insecticides Movento 100SC and Calypso; fungicides Bacseal Super and Flint.

Recommended Products

Aliette WG
Aliette WG
Aliette WG is a systemic fungicide for the control of phytophora in ornamentals and non-bearing apples, kiwifruit, avocados and citrus.
Alion brand tag

Alion is a pre-emergence herbicide for the control of broadleaved and grass weeds in apples, grapes and stonefruit.

Weeds compete for light, water and nutrients with your crop as well as being unsightly. With a single application applied to a clean herbicide strip, Alion prevent seedling weeds from germinating, and provides long-lasting (up to 6 months) pre-emergent control of a wide spectrum of the problematic weeds in apples and grapes, including glyphosate resistant ryegrass.

Calypso brand tag
Calypso is a systemic insecticide for use in various fruit crops including:

Apples – for the control of armoured scale, bronze beetle, codling moth, mealybug, Froggat’s apple leaf hopper and Fuller’s rose weevil.
Avocados – for the control of thrips.
Kiwifruit – for the control of armoured scale.
Peaches and nectarines – for the control of thrips.
Flint brand tag

FLINT is a proven, highly effective ‘mesostemic’ contact fungicide providing control of a broad spectrum of diseases, in several important horticultural crops.

Soon after application, FLINT becomes locked to leaf surfaces and waxy plant layers form a reservoir of fungicide, which is gradually released over time. This ensure the active ingredient is readily available when needed.

FLINT is also re-distributed to untreated parts of the plant by strong local vapour movement and translaminar activity, protecting the plant and ensuring crop yield and returns are optimised.

Movento 100SC
Movento 100 SC

Movento 100SC is a proven and highly effective solution for controlling a range of sucking pests in fruit crops, including:

• Armoured scales in Kiwifruit.
• Mealybug in Grapes.
• Apple leafcurling midge and armoured scales in Apples.
• Kelly's citrus thrips, Australian citrus whitefly and armoured scales in Citrus.
• Pear leafcurling midge in Pears.
• Thrips and mealybug in Blueberries.

Movento 100SC is unique in that it has two-way systemicity in plants. This means it moves both upwards and downwards and can therefore reach pests that cannot be directly targeted by spray coverage. Movento 100SC has fully researched and tested in-built adjuvants that optimise the uptake into plant leaves. Additional adjuvants are not required. Movento 100SC is compatible with IPM systems, being harmless or only slightly harmful to common beneficials.

Please download product label for full usage guidelines.

Scala brand tag

Scala is a proven, highly effective fungicide for the control of Black spot in apples and botrytis in grapes.

Scala is transported through both translaminar and vapour activity, allowing it to penetrate plant tissue and protect the flowers and foliage.