Escolta is a co-formulation fungicide for the control of foliar diseases in fodder and sugar beets.


  • Broad spectrum control – Escolta controls the four most important foliar diseases in beet crops – rust, powdery mildew, Cercospora and Ramularia leaf spots
  • Escolta provides long lasting protectant activity
  • Escolta maximises green leaf retention
  • Escolta provides direct physiological effects giving improved crop greening
  • Escolta increases yields
  • Co- formulation provides in-built resistance management
  • Flexibility – Escolta can be ground or aerially applied

Pack size : 5 L

Using Escolta on Fodder and Sugar Beets

Diseases: Beet rust, powdery mildew, Cercospora and Ramularia leaf spot

Rate: 350 mL/ha

Water rate:
Ground application – apply in 200 litres of water
Aerial application – apply in 80 litres of water

Apply at the onset of disease. Escolta will give most effective disease control when applied as the disease first becomes active in the crop and before disease becomes established. It will give prolonged protection from re-infection, but a second spray may be applied 3-4 weeks later if crops are at risk from later attacks. Do not use more than 2 applications per season.

TECHNICAL UPDATE: In 2018/19, Cercospora resistance to Qol fungicides was found in beet crops in a small number of NZ locations. If Cercospora resistance is present in your crop, and conditions favour disease development, Escolta may not always provide control, but it will continue to control other important diseases, leading to profitable yield increases.

Withholding period: 42 days

Escolta increases yields

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