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Luna Sensation is a protectant and systemic fungicide for the control of powdery mildew in grapes, and brown rot in stonefruit.

Luna Sensation is a co-formulation of fluopyram and trifloxystrobin. Together these two active ingredients have synergistic activity to provide a new standard for powdery mildew control in grapes, and brown rot in stonefruit.

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  • Luna Sensation provides outstanding control of powdery mildew control in grapes, and brown rot in stonefruit.

  • In grapes, Luna Sensation can be used in nil detectable residue programmes (when used as directed).

  • In stonefruits, Luna Sensation reduces rots and extends shelf life in post-harvest storage.

  • One day withholding period in stonefruit.

  • Luna Sensation is an easy to use liquid formulation.

Pack Size: 1 L Plastic Bottle
Crop Diseases Controlled
Grapes Powdery mildew
Stonefruit Brown rot
Question Answer
Product Type Fungicide
Active Ingredient Fluopyram 250 g/litre
Trifloxystrobin 250 g/litre
Formulation Type Suspension concentrate
Pack Size 1 L
Application Rate/Timing Grapes
Disease: Powdery mildew

Apply 150 ml/ha.  Make no more than two applications from immediately prior to flowering through to 80% capfall.

NEW RECOMMENDATIONS - Bayer now recommend to use only one application of Luna Sensation per season.

Disease: Brown rot

Apply 25 ml/100 L of water as a dilute high volume spray to the point of run off. For concentrate spraying, adjust the rate accordingly. Apply either during the flowering period from pink to petal fall or in the period prior to harvest. Ensure a minimum of 7 days between applications per season. Do not use more than 3 applications per season.
Withholding Period Grapes: Do not apply after 80% capfall
Stonefruit: Do not apply later than one day before harvest
Grazing: Livestock that have been grazing or fed treated crops should be placed on clean feed for two months prior to slaughter
Mixing Half fill the spray tank with water, then pour in the required quantity of Luna Sensation with agitators running, then top up with water. Do not pre-mix.

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