Using Luna Sensation In Stonefruit

Luna Sensation is new innovative technology from Bayer that provides outstanding disease control, including brown rot in stonefruit.

Providing outstanding efficacy, Luna Sensation delivers a new standard for control of brown rot.

5 steps to using Luna Sensation on Stonefruit

Brown rot (Monilinia fruiticola) is the most economically devastating disease for stonefruit growers. Infections can result in yield losses through fruit rots at harvest. Latent infections not visible at harvest develop into rots in storage and reduce shelf life in the post-harvest food chain.
Cultural techniques including maintaining an open canopy, removing diseased wood and removing mummified fruits can assist by reducing inoculum sources in the orchard. However for economic control a seasonal fungicide programme is required. The critical periods for fungicide applications are through the key infection periods – from early flowering through shuck fall and pre-harvest. 
Brown rot infections occur in ripening fruit when wet weather occurs 3 to 4 weeks prior to harvest. However, this can often be caused by a latent infection which has occurred over the flowering period. It is important to have a season long fungicide program starting from early flowering through to harvest to prevent infection development. Luna Sensation provides growers with a powerful new tool for incorporation into Brown rot control programmes. 
Recent testing from New Zealand Stonefruit Orchards has shown reduced sensitivity to the Group 3 – demethylation inhibitor (DMI) fungicides. It is therefore vital to follow robust resistance management guidelines for all fungicide groups. As a co-formulation of 2 active ingredients from different chemical groups, Luna Sensation is an essential part of resistance management in Stonefruit. 
Trial results from the Bayer CropScience Field Solutions team and independent trial specialists demonstrated just how versatile Luna Sensation is, with exceptional efficacy when applied either at flowering, or pre harvest.