David Weith

Regional Business Manager, Mid - South Canterbury

David joined Bayer in 1983 and is one of the company’s most experienced and knowledgeable sales managers.

Based in New Zealand’s most productive arable region, he works with some of the country’s most talented arable farmers, many who are pushing their crop quality and productivity towards world record yields.

While helping farmers grow world record crops is an obvious highlight for David, his main focus is on introducing and overseeing innovative and effective Bayer crop protection products.

He sees arable farmers in the region as being among the best in the world and is keen to continue working with them on new methods and technology within sustainable farming systems.

While having a passion for cereal crops, David’s experience includes a wide variety of herbage and amenity grass seed crops and clover. Another key focus is small seed crops – notably high-value vegetable seeds such as carrots, radish and brassicas.

With the advance in fodder beet as a feed option, he also advises farmers on how to maximise the yield of this valuable crop.