Alion is a pre-emergence herbicide for the control of broadleaved and grass weeds in apples and grapes.

Weeds compete for light, water and nutrients with your crop as well as being unsightly. With a single application, Alion provides long-lasting (up to 6 months) pre-emergent control of a wide spectrum of the problematic weeds in apples and grapes, including glyphosate resistant ryegrass.


  • Long lasting pre-emergent control reduces number of herbicide applications required
  • Allows growers to focus on other key jobs, rather than weeds
  • With an alternative mode of action, Alion is an ideal resistance management tool
  • Easy to use – liquid formulation and low use rate

Pack size – 1 L

Using Alion on Grapes and Apples

Weeds: pre- emergence control of broadleaved and grass weeds

Apply Alion at a use rate of 150 ml/ha in a water rate of 150 – 300 L/ha. Apply in the spring through to early summer prior to weed germination. Apply to bare soil free of significant plant material to ensure complete soil coverage. Excessive weed mass on the soil surface may prevent uniform distribution of Alion reaching the soil and consequently may reduce weed control. In dense stands of living weeds, an application of a foliar active herbicide first, then followed with Alion is recommended. Do not apply Alion more than once per season.

Always read the Alion label before using.