Ryegrass Seed Crops

New Zealand is one of the most important countries in the world for the production of ryegrass seed. Ryegrass seed grown in New Zealand is recognized for its quality and for the fact that much of it contains sought after novel endophytes.

To ensure ryegrass seed crops realize their full potential care is needed right from planting to control a range of weed, disease and insect pests and Bayer Crop Science provides a range of very effective products to do this. Products such the herbicides such as Nortron and Jaguar and fungicides such as Prosaro and Proline.

Recommended Products

Folicur brand tag
Folicur SC
Caley iblon
CALEY iblon
Vimoy iblon
VIMOY iblon
Nortron brand tag
Puma S brand tag
Puma S
Mesurol Pro slug and snail bait brand tag
Mesurol Pro