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Mesurol Pro

Mesurol is no longer available from Bayer New Zealand.

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  • Mesurol Pro is a highly effective, formulation slug and snail bait.

  • Easy to use high quality bait, works in all weather and suits all application methods.

  • With one rate for all situations Mesurol Pro makes slug control simple.

  • More baiting points, reduced dust.
Question Answer
Product Type Insecticide
Active Ingredient Methiocarb 20 g/kg
Formulation Type In the form of a bait
Pack Size 25kg
Application Rate/Timing

Slug and snails

Simply sprinkle the bait on the area to be treated so that the baits are 8 - 10 cm apart or 100 baits per one square metre. Good results are also obtained by sprinkling a band around beds or by scattering evenly between plants. Do not pile the bait. On a per hectare basis, it is suggested that the baits be broadcast or banded by use of granule applicators at the rate of 6 kg per hectare.

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Mesurol Pro Label

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