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Impulse is a systemic fungicide for the control of powdery mildew in grapes, barley and wheat. Impulse is highly systemic with protectant, curative and eradicant activity.

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  • Impulse is highly systemic with protectant, curative and eradicant activity

  • Impulse has a very fast uptake into plant tissue and excellent rainfastness

  • There is a rapid and even distribution in the leaves with no accumulation in the leaf tips

  • Impulse is safe to beneficial insects and is suitable for IPM programmes

  • Impulse is an effective resistance management tool

Pack size 5 L
Crop Diseases Controlled
Grapes Powdery mildew
Wheat & Barley Powdery mildew
Product Type Fungicide
Active Ingredient Spiroxamine 500 g/litre
Formulation Type Emulsifiable concentrate
Pack Size 5 L
Application Rate/Timing

Disease: Powdery mildew
Rate: apply 120mL/100 litres, and apply with a water rate of 500 litres/ha, (product rate 600 mL/ha)

Make no more than 2 applications per season. Under low to moderate disease pressure make the first application in the period from pre-flowering up to the end of capfall. Under high disease pressure make the first application at pre-flower. Ensure a minimum application interval of 28 days. Monitor the crop to determine is a second application of Impulse is necessary. Apply as part of a robust, season long programme. Do not use Impulse after pre-bunch closure.

Impulse has protectant, curative and eradicant activity against powdery mildew in grapes
Protectant activity occurs when the application is made before infection occurs. On Impulse treated plant surfaces the powdery mildew spores will germinate but the growth of the germ tube is inhibited. Impulse acts on the cell wall (burning effect) which quickly leads to a loss of cell turgidity and death of spores.

Curative activity occurs when the Impulse application is made after infection occurs, but prior to the appearance of the disease. With a curative application of Impulse, the essential fungal structures are significantly damaged and die.

Eradicant action occurs when the application is made after appearance of disease. Impulse treated mycelia and chains of conidia show first symptoms within six hours of treatment. The conidia and hyphal structures collapse rendering the conidia no longer infectious. NOTE: Always use Impulse protectively. Avoid applying Impulse on established powdery mildew infections.

Resistance Management
Impulse is a highly useful tool in resistance management programmes. Impulse is an amine (Group5) fungicide from Subgroup II of the sterol biosynthesis inhibitors (SBIs). Impulse is not cross-resistant to any of the other chemical groups including DMIs (Group 3, SBI Class I). Impulse is unique in that it acts on 4 sites of inhibition (4 different enzymes) in the sterol biosynthesis pathway. This gives Impulse robust defence against resistance development. Extensive global resistance monitoring over the last 15 years has shown no shift in sensitivity to Impulse by powdery mildews. For more information click here to view the Impulse Grapes User Guide

Wheat & Barley
Disease: Powdery mildew 

Use 1.2 L/ha and apply on first appearance of disease.  If infection re-occurs, a follow up application may be required, no later than GS59.

Withholding Period Barley, wheat (grain): 56 days
Barley, wheat (forage): 42 days
Grapes: 56 days
Compatibility Impulse is compatible with commonly-used insecticides and fungicides. Do not use with fluazinam and alkaline materials.
Mixing Half fill the spray tank with water. Then add the required amount of Impulse with agitator going and top up the tank with water. Agitate thoroughly prior to and during spraying.

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