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Smart performance - new chemistry with translaminar activity and excellent efficacy

Oberon is a translaminar insecticide with excellent efficacy, providing residual control against a range of sucking insect pests including mites, whiteflies and psyllids.

Oberon provides a highly effective option for psyllid control in potato and outdoor tomato crops.

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  • Oberon provides proven control of potato psyllid, being highly effective against psyllid nymphs, while also reducing fecundity and viability of the eggs of adult females.

  • Oberon provides a new mode of action classified as a Lipid Biosynthesis Inhibitor (LBI), that controls pests via ingestion and contact and is an ideal rotational partner.

  • Oberon presents minimal risk to many beneficial insect species.
Crop Pests Controlled
Tomatoes Tomato psyllid
Potatoes Potato psyllid
Capsicums Two spotted mite
Greenhouse Tomatoes and Cucumbers Greenhouse whitefly
Product Type Insecticides 
Active Ingredient Spiromesifen 240 g/litre
Formulation Type Suspension concentrate
Application Rate/Timing Tomato/Potato psyllid 
Use 600 ml/ha. Make two applications at 7 day intervals as part of a programme, in sufficient water to ensure good coverage of all foliage. If large numbers of adult potato/tomato psyllid are present, add a knockdown insecticide.  Do NOT apply in tank-mix with other pesticides and/or adjuvants. Do NOT apply other pesticides within 7 days before or after applying Oberon.

Two spotted mite and Greenhouse whitefly
Use 60 ml/100 L of water/1000 square metres. Do not apply more than 60 ml of Oberon per 1000 square metres. Make two applications at 7 day intervals starting on appearance of pest.
Plan-back Interval Following harvest of treated field tomato and potato crops a 30 day plant-back interval must be observed prior to planting follow on crops that may be used to provide animal feed or forage.
Compatibility Do not apply other pesticides within 7 days before or after applying Oberon.
Withholding Period Capsicums, Cucumbers, and Greenhouse Tomatoes: 1 day

Potatoes and Field Tomatoes: 7 days

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